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Wealth Management

Welcome to the BMWA Wealth Management resource page. We hope you find the information available to you here useful and that you will check back frequently for new content and tools for you to leverage. 

As a comprehensive wealth management firm we work with clients across a broad range of issues including: financial planning; capital management; asset-specific analysis; wealth protection and transfer; and charitable giving. To read more about what services BMWA offers, see the Our Services page of our site.

Once you have engaged BMWA, the firm provides you the ability to organize all your financial matters and consolidate them in a single, protected, online location. By simplifying the demands of managing your wealth, we enable you to devote time to your company, your personal endeavors and your family.

All of your accounts, plans, insurance, trusts, wills, estate plans, financial goals, balance sheets, net worth statements, cash flow models, tax returns and even your reward card points can be stored and accessed through a simple, secure platform. All of your financial data is updated daily, so your financial plan remains current to provide meaningful, up-to-date progress analysis whenever you need it, wherever you are. This is explained by our "Life in a Box" video on the Our Services page of our site.

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